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Piccolo Claudia Art

Since 2011 I have been working as a graphic and illustrator.
For companies especially in the graphic and web design sector. As an illustrator I have created covers and illustrations for books, magazines, drawings for music CDs, posters, etc… Art and Illustration have always been my passion.

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Icarus between utopia and dystopia

Utopia is “the place that does not exist”, the ideal country of which Tommaso Moro tells in the book "Utopia", where order is not reflected...
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Libertà – OUT DELUXE

Freedom: I drew this mini-story again in 2001, certainly many years ago, however more relevant than ever in the light of the current events due...
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What is art? – City dissolve 06

What is art? It's a good question, which I don't know if I can answer, it's part of those big vital questions like saying "why...
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Art connected us – City dissolve 04

The internet has changed our lives in recent times. It has certainly made it easier for us to access a lot of information, it has...
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Art and climate change – Nature 08

What is Art if not the manifestation of our feelings, emotions, and also, why not, worries? Art makes us feel part of the world, allows...
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(IT) Arte e cambiamento climatico – Nature 08

Spiacente, questa articolo è diponibile solo in Italian For the sake of viewer convenience, the content is shown below in the alternative language. You may...
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Nature 07 "Drawing is vision on paper" Andrew Loomis These words make me think 🤔... a beautiful drawing is not enough if it does not convey...
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City dissolve 05

City dissolve 05  Diptych Consisting of two drawings in watercolor and ink on paper: 28,7x21cm. and 14,8x21cm. - 2020.
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What we know of the forces of nature 🌱 that act in secret harmony. ☁️☁️☁️ They only appear to us in dreams. Nature 06 - 14,8...
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