Libertà – OUT DELUXE

Libertà – OUT DELUXE

Freedom: I drew this mini-story again in 2001, certainly many years ago, however more relevant than ever in the light of the current events due to the pandemic that unfortunately involved us all. In the mini-comic, 6 pages without words, the little bird, locked in its cage, speaks through facial expressions, deliberately humanized.

The little bird, at first quiet in a world of its own, realizes, at a certain point, that it is actually locked up in a cage. Immediately ready to go out, when he notices the door open, and finally frightened after the loss of being in a strange environment.

Even more disappointed, when he finally manages to get outside, passing through the window. The nature he dreamed of so much is revealed in a miserable tree surrounded by tall skyscrapers. What to do then?

At this point it is better to go back into the cage and go back to dreaming.

What I’m talking about is not physical freedom, but inner freedom, what makes us free even if we are locked up. I have been able to experience it in this last year and a half, when we have all been forced to remain indoors. Inner freedom is what gives you the possibility to make a choice, to choose, for example, to feel good despite limitations. Choosing to be happy and not giving in to compromise. We are free, in fact, if our choices do not limit our freedom even more. For this reason, inner freedom, the one based on our choices, is true freedom.

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outdeluxeOUT DELUXE
An anthological volume, edited by Baldo Di Stefano, one of the historical fanzines of the Italian underground comics, represented by the historical members and new grafts that will keep you attached to 140 pages of originality and experimentation in pure OUT Deluxe style.
Published by Cagliostro E-Press. In this issue the comic story: FREEDOM by Claudia Piccolo.

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