Icarus between utopia and dystopia

Icarus between utopia and dystopia

Utopia is “the place that does not exist”, the ideal country of which Tommaso Moro tells in the book “Utopia”, where order is not reflected in reality. Utopia is an ideal model to aspire to but will never exist. Utopia is the dream.

Dystopia, on the other hand, is its opposite, which is a highly negative state of affairs, the disorder to stay away from. Dystopia is the nightmare.

Nature 09 – pencil and ink on paper 21x28cm – 2021

In our daily life, the statements and the opposite of what is said follow one another in a uproar of news. Sometimes we perceive a power, perhaps hidden, which has as its objective precisely that of confusing reality. They invented the correctness in order not to offend anyone and its outcome is precisely the prohibition. They put reason on the throne and then denied it in fact.

All this translates into a continuous suspicion of everyone around us; it means no longer believing in anything; it means demolishing any ideal. Utopia in the culture of our time stretches rather towards disorder than order, creating dystopia. Hope and the desire for happiness inevitably turn into their opposite. Instead, what should propel us towards an ideal future becomes a suffocating cage, nightmare and madness.

Nature 10 – pencil and ink on paper 21x28cm – 2021

Icaro would like to fly, but a thousand obstacles prevent him. By now its wings are made of wood…

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